Growth is Your Goal.
Our Strategies Map the Way.

Ensure your marketing drives revenue, not cost.

Eliminate Marketing Guesswork, Escalate Revenue

We’re strategic marketing advisors that seed business development. 

Our performance marketing programs are initiated with the Commexis Process:

  1. Establish revenue goals, customer acquisition costs & lifetime value
  2. Determine digital marketing investment required for revenue targets
  3. Create a growth strategy & tactical plans to achieve a 3:1 LTV goal

Deep Experience.
Uncommon Sense.


We are consultants and catalysts who set a strategic foundation for top-line growth and move brands with focus and precision.

Business owners and management teams embrace the accountability and impact of strategic performance marketing, without guesswork and budget waste.

Our approach keeps it smart, focuses on the positive impact of your business, and is always strategy based. 

David Thompson

Managing Partner

Business advisor, marketing strategist, brand storyteller, educator. David has held a full spectrum of leadership roles on agency and corporate marketing teams, for brands like Intel Corporation, Phillips Electronics, OKI Data US, Comcast and Sony Ericsson Mobile.

“As a business marketing advisor — regardless of the client, industry or challenge — I deliver high-value consulting based on: non-stop ideation, differentiating the company brand and its product/services, and a relentless devotion to ROI.

“We utilize our Fortune 500 experiences to guide businesses to the next level, particularly B2B firms, mid-market companies and family-owned businesses. Working with their vision and mission, we reimagine their value proposition into business development solutions that create opportunity and top-line growth.”

Michael D’Antonio

Client Partner

Michael creates a strategic vision for clients at the intersection of marketing, technology and business, and leads client relationships.

“I pride myself on being Inventive and upbeat, it’s an approach that has been a differentiator working at agencies like McCann-Erickson San Francisco, EPAM and Digitas Health. My value-add has always been creating relationships and building trust with senior executives, really diving into core issues and barriers. It’s been the key to successful engagements with NBC, Wolters Kluwer Health, Comcast, YouTube, Microsoft and Major League Baseball.”

“It all comes down to building a best practices digital marketing foundation; far too many companies don’t understand it. They will working with us. Sustainable growth doesn’t happen without it.”

What Really Matters


Expertise + precision generates opportunity and the KPIs that really matter – predictive lead generation, sales pipeline buildout, top-line growth, increased business value. 


Your thought leadership and insight can provide immense value to buyers in their journey. We shape and share your expertise so audiences understand your value and stimulate engagement.


Identify priority prospects and decision-makers that make a difference, promote products or services that fuel efficient growth, make your brand omnipresent in the digital buyers journey.

Featured Work

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Expertise + Services


Discovery, Audit, Assessment
Buyer Journey Mapping
Customer Acquisition Costs
Product, Services Prioritization
Industry, Competitor Studies
Marketing-Sales Operations


Strategic Marketing Planning
Brand Differentiation & Values
Connected Communications
Customer Experience
Leadership Content
Relationship Marketing


Digital Foundation Development
Paid Advertising Campaigns
Digital Media Platform Planning
Marketing Operations Improvement
KPIs, Analytics & Intelligence
Creative Services


Eliminate Guesswork: 5 Steps to Performance Marketing

Eliminate Guesswork: 5 Steps to Performance Marketing

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A Coherent Way of Working

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Do CEOs Now Trust Marketers?

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Are We on The Same Page Here?

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From Customer Experience to Human Experience

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Smart Customer Experience = Higher ROI

Smart Customer Experience = Higher ROI

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