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Client: York Analytical Laboratories

Marketing strategy attracted new customers and increased revenue


Independently owned and operated, York Analytical Laboratories has 30 years in environmental testing of air, soil, and groundwater, and was an early testing leader of PFAS, dangerous contaminants known as “Forever Chemicals.” The company had been experiencing increased competition as well as operational pressures and needed to amp up their marketing efforts in order to remain a leader. Bongo Consulting was hired to provide recommendations on how to address these challenges and increase revenue, better leverage its scientific superiority, and expand service offerings and locations.


York was facing increased competition from other environmental testing laboratories in the region, which was putting pressure on the company to better leverage its experience, reputation, and quality service offerings to attract more customers. Bongo partnered with York to develop and execute a marketing plan to address these challenges and improve business performance.


To address these challenges, Bongo Consulting recommended a series of solutions that would help York improve its operations and increase its competitiveness. Bongo first created a comprehensive digital marketing and communications strategy that would help the company stand out from its competitors, expand York’s brand awareness and online authority in PFAS testing leadership. This included developing a strong online presence, using social media to engage with prospects and customers, and investing in targeted advertising campaigns. Additionally, in collaboration with York’s CEO, Bongo also created a new York brand,, for residential drinking water and testing services, and supported its launch through strategic digital marketing and public relations activities.


York has become the commercial testing laboratory of choice in greater NY, CT, and NJ. After implementing the recommendations provided by Bongo Consulting, York experienced significant improvements in its overall performance. The marketing strategy helped York to stand out from its competitors, attracting new customers and increasing revenue and profitability. Furthermore, York was able to expand from 3 to 6 locations.


Bongo Consulting was able to provide effective solutions to help York overcome its challenges and achieve its growth goals and strengthen its position as a leading environmental testing laboratory in the region.


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