Growing Client Base in Competitive Market

Reimaging the Brand Experience

Client: 3 Dimensional
Physical Therapy

Effective Communication of Key Differentiator Drove Business Growth


In a southern New Jersey healthcare scene dense with Physical Therapy providers, 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy needed to stand out and grow its client base.


Existing brand assets were sparse and what was in the market didn’t effectively communicate their key differentiator – patient-centric approach. Getting the word out to the right patient prospects was key to business growth both at its headquarters and future satellite locations.


Bongo provided strategic direction that re-imagined the brand experience and its value, building off its strength as a patient-centric health partner. We refreshed and SEO-optimized the website, developed value- based copy, designed a memorable patient experience from the first visit forward, advised on social media and development of a video tutorial strategy, as well as expanded the “Patient of the Month” series.


As a result of this campaign, 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy experienced an increase in website visits and more inquiries from prospective clients who ultimately converted to clients. Additionally, they also benefited from improved brand awareness through the exposure afforded by the campaigns on social media sites.


3 Dimensional Physical Therapy has grown significantly since working with Bongo Consulting. In three short years, the business expanded from three to eight South Jersey office locations.

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