Smart Customer Experience = Higher ROI

Whether you want your customers to return through paywalls or doors, businesses right now should prioritize positive customer experience and the difference business.

Customer Experience - CXIt not only creates separation from competitors, it can speed a return to profitability, and predictable revenue growth.

Following are five core components of the business-customer relationship that business and management teams should examine right now

  1. Conduct a Brand Check. Were your customer communications and relationship functioning or non-existent? Did it differentiate you and prioritize customers?
  2. Listen to Customers. Through surveys, 1:1 outreach and social monitoring, what is your community saying? Listen to opinions, understand motivations, behaviors and needs.
  3. Refocus your Brand. Should your value proposition shift, messaging evolve? Reassess and look at how you can best be of service, in the immediate future and long-term.
  4. Innovate to Be Exceptional.Re-imagine and map the ideal customer experience, focused on the human in customer experience. Personalization techniques and technologies can help create relevance and best possible customer outcomes.
  5. Evangelize. All stakeholders need to know about your customer-centric culture evolution – from the board to the online customer. Communicate, communicate, communicate authentically and frequently across all relevant platforms and channels, to expand your army of change agents.

A proactive process will build (or re-build) a foundation for future, making it easier for your customers to do business with you and increase customer experience ROI.  Being customer-centric and proactive is a process that pays.

Business owners and C-Suite execs need a change champion to spur the effort. We are here.

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