Intelligent Recruiting and Staffing Trends in 2021

With David Epstein

CEO David Epstein shares the latest workforce solutions and recruiting trends that business owners need to implement to attract and retain top talent. Leading a company that has doubled in revenue and tripled in size in the last 12 months, David is also an Advisor and Board Member to early-stage technology and fintech companies.

Expertise: Staffing and Recruiting

New Best Practices of Innovators in a Digital Business World

The New Normal has passed, there’s only our Now Normal.  The CXO interview series features conversations with thought provokers, problem dissectors and idea innovators who guide C-Suiters, business owners and entrepreneurs on new and better ways of working. Every business should have a scalable digital communications and client engagement ecosystem to pivot, re-imagine and grow.  These industry leaders share perspectives on how optimize and build that future.