From Customer Experience to Human Experience

Customer Experience (CX) isn’t enough. We map a Human Experience (HX).  

The world of business is rife with customers lost and companies closed because of preventable breakdowns in customer experience. The broken customer journey starts with poor management but includes contributions from all parties in the experience chain.

Now, in our new world, customers are zoomers, survivors, friends. Everyone awakes as equals. So, as a consulting team, we are moving forward with a new paradigm for customer experience – one that centers on delivering the best human experience.

5 star customer experience

Frequent sharing. Valuing the customer voice. Honest dialogue. Ease of business across platforms that make a difference … to customers. Fewer bots, more buds.

With a blueprint for a better Human Experience that truly nurtures customer relationships, companies will surprise and delight, pre-empt breakdowns and inspire sustainable growth.

1. A Pillar for Revenue Growth

Outstanding customer experience — a strategy for it and commitment to it — is a proven cornerstone of financial success. Business leaders and CXOs, please note:

A McKinsey study a few years back found revenues grew 10-15% for companies with a 20% customer satisfaction increaseThe customer satisfaction increase was attributed to companies that focused on end-to-end customer journeys rather than individual touch points and interactions.

The flip side of not valuing customer experience? Another study showed that 89% of customers left a company following a poor customer experience and began doing business with a competitor.

Build or kill business? Management that doesn’t realize the value of better relationship marketing won’t thrive … and may not survive.

2. Deliver What You Expect and More

Business owners, management, boards: Your companies will erect revenue roadblocks if they are not mandating a humanized customer experience that is less than what you expect as consumers!

The business world is struggling to emerge from COVID.  But there’s a choice: survive to recover, or recover to reinvent?  A blueprint for a thoughtful and responsive end-to-end human experience will make a top-line difference.

We’ll partner and push you to that new opportunity. We’ll ensure HX strategy is a fundamental pillar of business strategy and a revenue accelerator for your company.

We create growth marketing strategies based on financial insight that seed business development.  Analysis and strategies for a human customer experience is a mandatory pillar of every client engagement.