Marketing Analysis

Does your marketing strategy support your business goals?

We are here to answer that question.

Your partnership with Bongo begins with a full-scale audit and analysis of your existing marketing—and market. We want to know who your customer is, how you’re reaching them, and what might be standing in your way.

Our Process



What are your organization’s goals? What differentiates your business and sets you apart?



Review existing buyer journey, marketing program, and the overall competitive landscape in your industry.



Clearly identify internal and external pain points and create an actionable marketing strategy.

Every journey begins with a single step. We use our extensive B2B experience to analyze and understand your current positioning, then create a plan to move your business where you want it to be. Our marketing analysis toolkit includes:
  • Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Acquisition Cost Analysis
  • Product/Services Prioritization
  • Industry & Competitor Studies
  • Marketing-Sales Operations Review

Marketing Analysis Driving Client Growth

See how Bongo Consulting has helped Clients with Marketing Analysis

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We are here to help. Based in Philadelphia, Bongo provides marketing consulting to businesses in healthcare, financial services, telecommunications and more. Call us at 856-425-0410 or fill out the form below to build a digital marketing foundation with our experts today.