Pennsylvania Association for Justice

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Re-Invigorating A Brand & Growing Membership

The Pennsylvania Association for Justice engaged Bongo partners with a critical need to make its association and resources more relevant to increase utilization of services and grow membership among personal injury attorneys.

The starting point for a two-phased engagement was a series of discovery sessions that included 1:1 interviews with officers and members about resource usage and needs.

We then developed a strategy to evolve the association brand and its online foundation, and implement a series of programs to inform members of the value of its resources platform — including CLEs, LawPAC Advocacy, and List Servers.

Following re-design of the website with new positioning and messaging, we initiated targeted recruitment campaigns throughout the year to build awareness and spur new member enrollment.

Strategic Deliverables

  • New Website
  • Go-to-Market Differentiation
  • Brand Messaging Hierarchy
  • Member Voices Video Series
  • Membership Marketing Plan
  • Member Recruitment Campaign

What Really Matters

  • Member resources utilization increased
  • New members YOY and membership retention improvements