Career Coach Pros

Industry: Leadership Coaching, Personal Branding

Guiding the Next Generation of Achievers

David Thompson founded Career Coach Pros to address a significant void in preparing young adults and entrepreneurs for leadership – by teaching what isn’t offered in classrooms or the workplace — How to Get a Job, How to Advance in a Career.

Thompson first created one of the country’s first college courses on Personal Branding, as an adjunct professor at Temple University’s Klein School of Media and Communications. 

CCP’s courses and workshops provide comprehensive, essential guidance and training that accelerates preparation for the next level – with personal brand and career development coaching and leadership training.  

The workshops are interactive, motivational and eye-opening to empower self-discovery, perception management, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communications skills, networking and leadership.  


Strategic Deliverables

  • Business Conception
  • Business Planning
  • Industry GAP Analyses
  • Curriculum Development

What Really Matters

Making a difference for:

  • SMB Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • College Students and Young Grads
  • Companies for HR Staff Training
  • High School Leadership Clubs