New Revenue Sources for Legacy Business Valuation Firm

Management Planning Inc.

The organization relied on very traditional business development tactics such as trade shows, network events and referral sources. The effectiveness of the traditional tactics were no longer producing expected growth. Underperforming traditional tactics coupled with new estate tax laws that would compromise a majority of existing business, required that we reassess their revenue generation strategies.


Bongo conducted a comprehensive audit of marketing ROI, stakeholders, industry trends and competitors and developed an annual marketing/sales strategy and phased tactical plan. 


Acting as an outsourced CMO, we proceeded with prioritization of referral sources for targeted outreach, firm-wide content development, comprehensive SEM and focused digital distribution.  Campaigns were built around new valuation services and identified new revenue decision makers.


Revenue growth year one exceeded client KPIs due to referral business increasing, dormant customers re-engaging, and new revenue stream from business segments previously untapped.