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New Best Practices of Innovators in a Digital Business World

The New Normal has passed, there’s only our Now Normal.  The CXO interview series features conversations with thought provokers, problem dissectors and idea innovators who guide C-Suiters, business owners and entrepreneurs on new and better ways of working. Every business should have a scalable digital communications and client engagement ecosystem to pivot, re-imagine and grow.  These industry leaders share perspectives on how optimize and build that future.

What Happens after Digital Transformation?

With Marty Focazio and Jeff Dailey

If you’re still talking about Digital transformation, you’re behind the curve. How technology is mis-used — and should be used to enable new ways of working — is covered by leaders in technology consulting and Big Law.

Expertise: Tech Productivity Consulting, Legal Services, Business Litigation

How Business Benefits from Sports Marketing

With Ross Hollebon

A veteran of content and social media strategy for professional sports (NFL, NHL, MLS, ATP World Tennis) and teams (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Football Team, Minnesota Wild) shares the digital innovations that business adopt.

Expertise: Sports Content Strategy, Customer Engagement, College Communications

Leadership Content Marketing with Intent

With Kelley Galloway

Social media with leadership content has become the backbone of business’ marketing plan. It needs to offer insights and value your audiences need, and be distributed where they live online.  A social media and content marketing consultant with deep expertise discusses leadership content strategy.

Expertise: Thought Leadership, Social Media Strategy, Content Optimization

Innovation in Insurance Risk Management

With Rafael Haciski, Esq.

A VP of Healthcare for Johnson Kendall Johnson shares insights on business insurance and risk management and how it has evolved post-COVID, and provides invaluable guidance (as an attorney as well) that will mitigate exposures in the new normal.

Expertise: Insurance, Risk Management

Why Design Should Be In The C-Suite

With Johnny Bilotta

What is “design thinking” and why is it critical for C-suite decision-making? A recognized UX/UI expert and tech innovator talks about design in the macro sense, and how pharma clinical trial technology and tracking is woefully behind the tech curve.

Expertise: Pharma Clinical Trials, Product/App Development, Design Ergonomics

CEO Leadership Branding: Now More Than Ever

With Raoul Davis

CEOs and Entrepreneurs are the chief story tellers for their brands. When they are successful, the efforts unlock increased visibility and emotional connectivity with stakeholders that leads to increased top line revenues, a memorable brand that cut across industries, and furthering or developing legacy. Learn the vital strategic components of CEO branding.

Expertise: CEO Branding, Integrated Leadership Marketing, Human2Human Marketing

How The Predictive Index Suite Optimizes Teams, Brands, Businesses

With Dave Nast

Bringing top talent into an organization – how it is vetted, hired, directed and optimized – directly impacts revenue and business success. The CSuite and management teams (from Enterprise to SMB) don’t avail themselves often enough of the expertise and process that can guide talent optimization and top-line growth. Find out how. 

Expertise: Human Capital Management, The Predictive Index, Workplace Behavior Strategy

Power Networking To Get Results

With Ashley Owens

David talks with the networking tour-de-force, Ashley Owens, about how she created the concept of “Networking Concierge” for business leaders, how she founded networking company Ashley Assists, tips on becoming a power networker, “Dunbar’s Number” and much more


Expertise: Networking with Intention, Personal Branding, Leadership Coaching

How the Freedom to Delegate Enables Entrepreneurs

With Emily Morgan

A pioneer in the business of creating a professional and national remote workforce, the founder of Delegate Solutions shares how they have enabled entrepreneurs to realize their visions and achieve successes in multiple ventures.


Expertise: Remote Workforce, Entrepreneurship, Flexwork Culture

Social Selling Techniques to Maximize Client Acquisition

With Bobbie Foedisch

Social Selling Guru and LinkedIn Jedi Master Bobbie Foedisch shares everything essential that entrepreneurs and executives in sales, business development need to know about strategic social selling to maximize sales opportunities and new client acquisition.

Expertise: Strategic Social Selling, Business Development, Client Acquisition

Intelligent Recruiting and Staffing Trends in 2021

With David Epstein

CEO David Epstein shares the latest workforce solutions and recruiting trends that business owners need to implement to attract and retain top talent. Leading a company that has doubled in revenue and tripled in size in the last 12 months, David is also an Advisor and Board Member to early-stage technology and fintech companies.

Expertise: Staffing and Recruiting

Forecasting and Budgeting for ROI

With Bob Pantaliano

Seasoned, ethical and highly-recommended CFO with more than 25 years’ experience discusses how to improve financial insight, the common themes from the C-Suite, marketing spending, forecasting and key recommendations to create growth.

Expertise: Marketing, Forecasting, Budgeting, Strategic Financial Planning

How Technology Can Work More Easily

With Marty Focazio

With more than 20 years’ experience in technology consulting, Marty discusses how to improve processes, how to speak the proper language of workflow and simplify your technology stack across your organization.

Expertise: Technology, Operations, Workflow Consulting

The investment Value of “People Economics”

With Laura Queen

Your staff is your greatest asset — and it’s always a good time to strengthen them — learn the data-driven methods that result in appreciating [human] capital.

Expertise: Value Creation, Operations, Resource Management

The Shifting Digital Media Landscape

With Hal Donnelly

Great interview with Hal Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer of new media leader, Fascinating Insights into the “Shifting Digital Media Landscape.”

Expertise: Digital Advertising, Client Value Creation, New Media Partnership