Commexis Process 

Drive a 3:1 Lifetime Value Ratio for Predictable Revenue Growth

We initiate each client engagement with a comprehensive Discovery and development of a Financial Marketing Model using the Commexis Process. The goal is to generate $3 for every $1 you put into sales & marketing within 18 months. Deliverables in the Process include:

1. Establish Your Firm’s Revenue Goals

The process starts with a comprehensive financial discovery session and follow-up analysis in which we identify the following: Revenue Goals, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lifetime Value of a Client (LTV), priority Products/Services and Customer Segments.

2. Understand the Baseline Investment Required in Digital Marketing

Once LTV and CAC have been established, we recommend the optimal budget investment in digital marketing and digital platforms in order to achieve a 3:1 LTV ratio. Our subsequent business marketing strategy will target prospective clients along the Buyer’s Journey.

3. Market Your Brand Across the Digital Buyers Journey

We build and implement your brand’s digital story. From websites, display ads, PPC ads, paid social, multimedia ads, email marketing, search engine optimization, and to thought leadership content, print collateral, and more. Your brand’s voice comes alive and each digital asset is custom-tailored for every point in the Buyer’s Journey.

4. Understand Reporting Metrics That Matter

During the lifespan of your campaign, you will be fully engaged with our team to achieve the vision and goal– help your company achieve a 3:1 LTV ratio with strategic digital marketing. You will be able to monitor your campaign’s current KPIs and conversions in real-time, the numbers that matter.

Len Ward is founder of Commexis Corporation and creator of the Commexis Process. Len has over 20 years’ experience within investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, startup e-commerce and financial marketing modeling for clients in the B2B and B2C space. He offers a rare expertise of financial modeling knowledge integrated into digital advertising, content marketing, SEO strategies and lead generation.