The Four Pillars of Your Digital Foundation- Why You Can’t Ignore Them

What is a Digital Foundation? It’s the four most important elements in having a successful digital marketing strategy. Each digital tactic is effective on its own, but when combined it lays the groundwork for consistent lead generation, brand awareness and increased sales opportunities.

Here are the core pillars of a strong digital foundation:

1. Website:

We often hear from companies, “I get my business through referrals”. This may be true, but there is no doubt those referrals are reviewing your website. They are vetting your company, your leadership, your point of view on their potential problems and looking at your site to answer their “pain points”. A positive experience on your website with correct call-to-actions can ultimately enhance your sales opportunities.

2. Content:

What are you an expert in discussing? What thought leadership can you bring to the market? Content consumption is stronger than ever with prospects, and the need to be a content creator is key in driving your brand in the current digital ecosystem. It’s a competitive landscape now, and your content must be strategic, laser audience targeted and most important – extremely relevant to the end users for best engagement.

3. Social Media:

Social Media used as part of the digital foundation is a strong tool for direct conversations and feedback from your customers. By building a social media strategy aligned with a robust tactical content plan, the likelihood to establish better relationships, grow client advocacy and establish brand storytelling consistency online enhances.

4. Targeted Distribution:

As you build out your content assets, it’s imperative to have a distribution plan that maximizes engagement with your specific audience you are trying to reach. Paid advertising, email drip campaigns, retargeting ads and social content streams are all examples of targeted distribution tactics.

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