Eliminate Guesswork: 5 Steps to Performance Marketing

Question – What’s the difference between executives and entrepreneurs who create thriving businesses vs. leaders that can’t progress companies out of survival mode?

A – Idea/Vision +

B – Guts to go for it +

C – Major supporting talent +

– Performance marketing strategy.

It’s not multiple choice, A-B-C are table stakes. D is most frequently disregarded for a slew of legit reasons and excuses: caution, budget, ego, lack of accountability.

Performance marketing strategy aligned with business plan creates your North Star.

To speed recovery out of Covid, spur revenue and guide growth this decade, growth marketing blueprints include:

  • A financial marketing model
  • Guiding company values and culture
  • Creating go-to-market differentiation
  • Setting services/product portfolio priorities
  • Surrounding stakeholders with solutions

How Do We Get There?

Tenants of our strategic performance marketing:

  1. Benchmarking customer acquisition costs, online buyers journey.
  2. Improving digital marketing foundation with smart systems that personalize the buyer journey and funnel.
  3. An unwavering commitment to Customer Human Experience.
  4. Thought leadership and value content that ignites buyer journey.
  5. Targeted digital distribution that enables campaign tactics and funnels.

Vision, Guts and Talent create successful business, performance marketing strategies propel revenue growth and company value.